Sweet Spot Studio

Every musician deserves a chance to share their music with the world, dream big!

The professional and affordable recording studio in Cardiff, Llandaff.

This is not Abbey Road, but here at Sweet Spot Studio we believe that every musician should have the chance to share their music with the world! We offer a professional service with a very hands on and friendly production element that encourages ownership by the artist and partnership working throughout the whole process. We provide a warm, safe and welcoming environment that encourages individuals to relax and express themselves whenever they are ready and however they want.

Sweet Spot Studio offers affordable rates to ensure that every musician has the chance to create and share their music. Through my own experiences as a young creative, I have faced many barriers to getting ahead by being economically challenged in accessing professional and affordable recording facilities. I am also aware this can also be compounded as some other individuals also face the same economic barriers as well as physical barriers due to a disability, either physical or mental.

Sweet Spot Studio is for everyone!

Affordable rates for all

Affordable rates for everyone

Its what we do

We believe that every musicain should have the chance to share their music with the world, which is why we offer sessions starting from just £80 a day!

Affordable rates for all

Comfortable and welcoming

Put your feet up

We offer a comforable environment so all our musicians can feel right at home! So sit back and relax with a cup of tea at Sweet Spot Studio.

Affordable rates for all

Quality equipment

Yet affordable

Sweet Spot Studio has invested in some of the best equipment on the market to ensure that you sound as good as you possibly can. We also use a large collection of high-quality plugins.

“The studio itself is modern and stylish while still providing a welcoming atmosphere, the equipment available is top of the range and I was extremely impressed by the service and sound quality provided by Sweet Spot Studios.”

Luke Brown, Singer/Songwriter

Equipment List

Equipment List

The magic behind it all

We have invested in some of the highest quality equipment, along with industry standard plugins that are constantly being updated.

  • MacBook Pro with an Intel i7 2.9GHz Processor
  • Huge selection of industry standard plugins
  • Allen and Heath QU16 Mixer
  • Adam A7x Monitors
  • Avalon VT 737SP Mic Pre-amp
  • Foster cr500 Recorder
  • M-Audio MIDI Sport
  • M-Audio Keystation
  • Samson S-phone
  • AKG C414 XL2
  • Beyer Dynamic DT100
  • Selection of guitars

“I decided to try Sweet Spot Studio because it was cheap and near where I live. By the time we had finished I discovered that it was much, much more than that.”

Dr Clive Wood, Singer


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Where to find us

60 Colwinstone Street
Llandaff North

Closest train station:
Llandaff Train Station (0.5 miles)
Ten minute walk from Llandaff train station.